Godzilla 2014 | Godzilla Trailer Tuesday, But MUTOresearch.net Is Warner Bros Marketing Site

Godzilla Trailer At 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST: Godzilla Day Today, Dec 10th, 2013

UPDATE: Godzilla Trailer Will Explain Chongqing Sinkhole Site Via MUTOResearch.net

gMUTOGodzilla 2014 movie buzz gets into high gear as Godzilla Trailer will be released Worldwide on Tuesday, December 10th, 2014 at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST both online and via satellite. The best action is to visit Zennie62.com right here to see it.

But there’s a lot of small-issue buzz going around about a new website called MUTOresearch.net. It contains a reference to a video file named ASSET_G528.MOV. What it reveals is a grainy, flickery 12 second video that shows, for a moment, an apparently giant facility that’s either being searched by the military or is guarded by the military. And it’s so big it’s obviously designed to hold something large.

But who made the website? Warner Bros did.

And while the folks who were commissioned to make the site and find a domain host did a cool job on its design, they did a terrible job in the masking process. A WHOIS lookup revealed the name servers were in the name in Warner Bros, like this: ns3.warnerbros.com and ns2.warnerbros.com, and ns.warnerbros.com.

Apparently DNStination Inc is hosting the MUTOresearch.net website for Warner Bros. And the guy in charge is named Matt Serlin, working out of San Francisco at 425 Market Street.

If you think about it, that’s kinda cool because in Godzilla, San Francisco gets stomped on anyway, so might as well serve up DNStination and give it some credit before its office building is obliterated, right?

Just saying.

Anyway, the whole MUTOresearch.net deal is part of Warner Bros’ unfolding marketing plan for Godzilla. They’re also releasing a photo of a huge crater that’s about 10 times larger than the truck next to it.

Stay tuned.