455093481_640Thanks to Zennie for once again giving me a platform to announce a new project meant to make Oakland a more fun place to live. I am happy to announce that The Port Bar will bring a Seven Day a Week LGBT Bar to Oakland’s thriving Uptown neighborhood. Located next to the iconic Paramount Theater, The Port Bar will serve craft cocktails, local beers and wines and a long desired gathering place for the LGBT community and their friends.

We are bringing some of the Bay Area’s top mixologists together in an elegant space that’s right above BART and in the heart of the thriving Uptown neighborhood. We have a number of investors who believe in this project, including one of the owners of Make Westing, one of Oakland’s hottest bars.

But this isn’t the dream or bar of a few people. It is a community space and we need all the community’s help to make it happen.

That’s where you come in.

We need $20,000 to secure our lease in the next month. So it’s perfect timing for a crowd funded campaign.

With your support, we can sign our lease in a month and bring The Port Bar to Oakland in Spring 2014 – click below!


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