Metro-North Railroad NYC Train Derailment: Black Boxes Found

trainanimation The Metro-North Railroad NYC Train Derailment that killed four people and injured over 60 more on Sunday is being investigated. According to ABC’s Good Morning America a black box was recovered that will reveal what happened, when it happened.

The crash killed Donna L. Smith, 54, of Newburgh; James M. Ferrari, 59, of Montrose; Jim Lovell, 58 of Cold Spring, and Ahn Kisook, 35, of Queens.

The National Transportation Safety Board said its investigators will be looking into the incident over the next 10 days. New York Governor Andrew Quomo says that the main cause was speed, and that the train took the curve too fast.

Here’s NBC New video from it’s website:

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The derailment happened at 7:20 AM Sunday at a point that’s estimated to be a football field away from Metro North’s Spuyten Duyvil station in the Bronx.

New York Governor Andrew Quomo said “That is a dangerous area on the track just by design. The trains are going about 70 miles per hour coming down the straight part of the track. They slow to about 30 miles per hour to make that sharp curve … where the Hudson River meets the Harlem River and that is a difficult area of the track.”

A similar accident happened to a freight train around that same point in July of 2013.

Stay tuned.

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