Cade Foster: Alabama Fans Attack Him On Twitter; Chris Davis TD Return Not His Fault

cadefosternoose Cade Foster is the Alabama field-goal kicking student athlete who’s miss of what would have been a 56-yarder led to the most amazing return in football history.

Except that Cade Foster wasn’t the man who made the final field goal attempt. It was freshman Adam Griffith. Cade Foster was pulled because he’d missed three field goals in the game prior to that point in a massively important game.

The game pitting the Alabama Crimson Tide against the Auburn Tigers was the meeting of the number one and number four teams in the nation.

It was a game of great importance: an Alabama loss would have booted the Crimson Tide out of the drivers-seat and out of the race for the National Championship, pushed Florida and Ohio State into contention, and shaken up the BCS rankings. An Alabama win, as was expected, would have maintained the status quo.

Auburn’s Chris Davis caught Adam Griffith’s missed field goal and raced 100 yards to score, turning a 28-all tie into a win for the Tigers and shocking the nation in the process.

And the shock was expressed on Twitter.

Even though the last miss wasn’t his fault, Alabama fans (proving they weren’t really paying attention to the contest) took no mercy on Cade Foster, who kind of added to the rancor by taking his face off his own Twitter account. Still, the tweets were mean, many, and in some cases offensive:


Alabama had a great run. It was time.

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