HootSuite Media Inc. Social Media Products Firm Raises $165 Million

hootsuite-social-media-dashboardHootSuite Media Inc, the Vancouver-based tech startup known for its killer Twitter management app that this blogger uses, has just gained $165 million in funding for its third round of fund-raising. It got the money from a list of partners most notably Accel Partners and Insight Venture Partners.

What’s interesting about HootSuite is that it would not exist, let alone do well, without Twitter. It’s products allow you to do everything from effectively respond to Twitter feed conversations, to statistically measure Twitter-related activities. It’s what this blogger calls a “layered” service: it provides a layer of service onto a primary online application, in this case, Twitter.

HootSuite has grown from and worked with Twitter. The $165 million is in a way a reward for creating an application and a relationship that has only grown stronger as Twitter speeded to IPO status.

Stay tuned.

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