Crazy Korean Man Raps On Steve Jobs, White People, Strips, Does Yoga On BART

crazy korean guyOn Thursday, I was reminded of why carry my camcorder everywhere I go, and even as I have a new iPhone 5c.

At the San Francisco Embarcadero BART Station platform this Korean guy was doing a crazy rap and walking around and waving his hands, and such that (with the exception of his mention of “white people”) was uninteligible and then he boarded the Richmond BART Train, headed for Oakland and the East Bay. So I the car entered behind him with the specific intent of making a video of his antics, and aside from getting to the gym and then home, of course!

What you see here above is the result, as this guy riffs on Steve Jobs, Jerry Brown, Samsung stealing from Apple, white privilege, North Korea / South Korea prejudice, the DMZ, and then starts a kind of strip to his waist that my female seat mate found of interest. Then he did some yoga and gymnastics moves, and got off at West Oakland BART Station.

Stay tuned.

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