Lou Ferrigno Wins Best Actor At 2013 CINEROCKOM International Film Festival

Lou Ferrigno In Liberator
Lou Ferrigno In Liberator

Lou Ferrigno, action hero icon as the Incredible Hulk, has moved into a new action role as the ‘Liberator’, starring as the same title for the new film short motion picture that has taken the best awards at the 2013 Cinerockom International Film Festival now occurring.

The awards Gala that Lou Ferrigno will attend will be held this Saturday evening at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

‘Liberator’ co-stars the beautiful Peta Wilson (Le Femme Nikita), Ed Asner, and Michael Dorn (Star Trek), in a terrific action futuristic espionage film. ‘Liberator’ has also won Best Film Short, Best Writing, Best Directing, Best Editing, and Best Music as well as Best Actor for Ferrigno and BestActress for Peta Wilson

In ‘Liberator’, Lou Ferrigno uses his experience in both physical strength and control as well as many years in guest starring roles and network TV and Stan Lee films and has honed his acting skills which were truly noticed by the judges at this year’s Cinerockom International Film Festival. This film had a huge response at this year’s Comic-Con Expo in San Diego.

Many stars and celebrities will be in attendance at the Gala.

The 2013 Cinerockom International film festival will be held this week in Los Angeles, (now in progress) then in Hong Kong in December 2013, and in Cannes in May 2014.

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