TMZ Story Wrong: Vikings’ Adrian Peterson’s Son Not Beaten

UPDATE: Adrian Peterson’s Son Was Beaten And Peterson Is Playing On Sunday

Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings Running Back, was thought to be suffering and needs our prayers and support. But now it comes information that TMZ’s story about his son being beaten is wrong.

According to, a man named Joseph Patterson, who was dating the mother of Adrian Peterson’s son in South Dakota, has been charged with aggravated felony assault and battery of an infant.

TMZ reports:

According to law enforcement, emergency responders arrived to the apartment where iPeterson’s son was living at 5:46 PM on Wednesday … and found the child unresponsive.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital and medical experts determined the injuries were consistent with abuse.

Law enforcement sources tell us … the child suffered severe head injuries.

But a news site called CityPages is challenging that TMZ story:

A source in South Dakota who says she knows the family of the child involved says the victim was not Adrian Peterson’s son. From an email she sent us:

Just a heads up, TMZ is reporting incorrect information, it’s not AP Jr who is in the hospital in Sioux Falls, it’s [name withheld, but the child’s last name isn’t Peterson].

I live here in Sioux Falls and have been kept up to date via friends of [the child’s] mom….

Stay tuned.

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