, er Blip Networks, Sacks CEO Kelly Day: Shortest Exec Career Since John Paul I

Kelly Day, er Blip Networks is, as of this writing, apparently rudderless and without a CEO. It was acquired by Maker Studios in early August of this year, and as of this writing, sacked Day during the acquisition process while reportedly maintaining her as an adviser.

While that may be the case, her new role is not reflected on her Twitter profile as of this writing, @itskellyday , where Ms. Day reports she’s the former CEO of Blip. That means Kelly Day had the shortest executive career since John Paul I, the pope who served just 33 days in that position in 1978, and was eventually found to have john-paul-1-sized been murdered. Day outlasted John Paul I’s reign by roughly 11 months.

Fortunately, Day is still with us.

Meanwhile, Blip Networks shuffles staff and content partners too. I will miss the old, old, which was a more innovative and communicative company. The current Blip Networks has said I can send a proposal to have shows placed on their platform. I don’t do shows, I do vlogs. It will be a cold day in hell before I’ll even consider that.

Blip Networks is now onwned by vlog-killer Maker Studios. Run away vloggers! Start your own networks and raise your own ad revenue. Don’t trust Maker Studios to do it for you.

Stay tuned.

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