Oakland A’s Beat Detroit Tigers 1-0 In ALDS Game 2

The Oakland A’s beat the Detroit Tigers 1 to 0 on Stephen Vogt’s single with the bases loaded in the ninth inning, and proving, once again, that Billy Beane’s MoneyBall works over the high-dollar MLB payroll of the Tigers.

Sonny Gray and Stephen Vogt are A’s rookies who no one ever heard of until tonight, and came up from the Tripple-A farm system to become young stars overnight.

“Knowing that we had worked together for so many innings throughout the year, we were talking before the game: `Hey, it’s just like this lineup is similar to a lineup in Triple-A,” Stephen Vogt said to ESPN.

These A’s don’t know what they don’t know – they’re not supposed to do this: win close games against well-paid legends of the game. But they don’t listen and they win!

The ALDS is tied 1-1, and goes to Detroit next.

Stay tuned.

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