Hannah Anderson: Photo Shows Knee Brace Switched; Fake Injuries?

Hanna Anderson
Hanna Anderson
Hannah Anderson is the subject of talk again, and after blogger Chelsea Hoffman discovered two photos of her taken the same day which show a knee brace on different legs, first the right leg, then the left one.

At first, I thought it was nothing, perhaps they could not afford two knee braces – but then what’s wrong with asking the question? After all, the photo is provocative.

Ms Hoffman sums it up so well, it seems stupid for me to reinvent the wheel:

Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson on NBC’s TODAY Show.

So which leg is it, Hannah? The left or the right? It seems like something that everyone in the media should have already caught — with there being a wide array of so called crime bloggers and websleuth types. Instead, these details are being shared among those who want to see justice for what many believe to be the true and only victims in this case.

Aside from the photos showing her inability to remember which of her legs is injured, there is also the transcript of her Ask.fm Q&A days after her so called rescue. She told people that she didn’t know her mom and brother were dead when she was in the Idaho wilderness with James Lee DiMaggio. However, she knew enough about the crimes in her casual online banter to indicate that she had to have known that they were murdered. She knew her cellphone was in the house with their remains. She knew that Jim used timers to accelerate the fire at a certain time, and then she made comments that indicated she had suspected they were dead all along.

She said that she “worried” about Ethan and Christina while she was made to haul backpacks with her so called captor. Why would she worry about them if she had no clue that they had been murdered? Why would a kidnapped teen think that anything other than her kidnapping has taken place?

There has been an effort afoot to protect Hannah Anderson, and in a way that would not have been done had she been African American. Indeed, there would have been a more “even” coverage, with more media people asking these questions other than just us bloggers.

I think the effort to protect Hannah Anderson goes like this: Hannah Anderson lost both her Mom and Brother, and was kidnapped – putting her under arrest would only add more hurt to her. Now, I do agree with that, and I don’t think she would be as she’s a minor, and really had no idea what she was involved in one bit. But why not ask, if only to fill in the blanks that keep us curious?

Stay tuned.