Chevron Ecuador: Steven Donziger’s Experts Say Evidence Fabricated

fourhorsemenChevron Ecuador has another new twist: Steven Donziger, the lead plaintiff’s lawyer in the lawsuit against Chevron by Ecuador (the claim that it was filed by Ecuador’s indigent community, and with no involvement from the Government of Ecuador, was disproved long ago), is caught red-handed in fabricating evidence via court proceedings where his own team of experts – Charles Calmbacher, David Russell, Ann Maest, and Doug Beltman – either admitted that reports with their name on them were not their findings, or said they were faked.

And David Russell went on to say that the Donziger “misled” him.

In the case of Maest and Beltman of Stratus Consulting, not only did they admit they wrote part of the Ecuador Court’s damage assessment written by the court-appointed expert Richard Cabrera (Got that?), but then rejected all of the scientific findings and conclusions within it.

In other words, Steven Donziger somehow convinced the Ecuador Court to be an accessory in a cover-up, even to the point of being allowed to write a fake report all to find Chevron guilty and so they could legally extort $19 billion from the American Oil giant.

The scientists all said that they disavowed the claims made that Chevron polluted Ecuador – assertions written in documents they prepared.

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