Michael Brandon Hill, Georgia School Shooter, Was Arrested This Year

Michael Brandon Hill Michael Brandon Hill is the 19 year old who was identified as the school shooter that terrorized The McNair Learning Discovery Academy in Decatur, Georgia on Tuesday.

Now get this: Michael Brandon Hill was arrested just four months ago. According to a number of sources, Mr. Hill was arrested in Henry County, GA in May 13th for “terroristic threats.” He was described as a church-going young man who one woman said she could not “imagine doing this.”

At the time of the latest incident at McNair, Hill was “crashing on the couch” of a friend at E. Lilac Ln in Decatur, GA.

The question is, where are his parents, and what’s this about him being “off” of his “meds?” This is looking like the start of a very sad story.

Michael Brandon Hill will be charged with Aggravated assault on officer, terroristic threats and possession of firearm by felon.

Stay tuned.

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