Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman To Have Child; She Is Wife Of Andrew Silverman, His Close Friend

Simon-Cowell-1790918Simon Cowell And Lauren Silverman To Have Child She Is Wife Of Andrew Silverman Cowell’s Close Friend. (But does she twerk?)

Simon Cowell is the well-known co-creator of and judge on shows like American Idol, X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, and America’s Got Talent, who gets all kinds of girls. So with that, why would Mr. Cowell take up with Lauren Silverman , the New York Socialite said to be the wife of Andrew Silverman and on top of that, Cowell’s close friend? Maybe Lauren Silverman can twerk?

That’s a kidding remark, but it does underscore the serious action of cheating on your best friend with his wife, then taking up child with her.

US Weekly broke this story, and reports that the marriage between the Silvermans had been on the rocks for some time and they were planning a divorce. But the bottom line is, they never went through with it.

Well, congratulations to Simon Cowell, who earlier this year said in so many words he didn’t want to be a parent.


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