Sidney Elaine Leathers Photos: Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Partner

Sidney Leathers Makes Vivid Film, Lies About It To WLS

SydneyLeathers1Sidney Elaine Leathers, or Sidney Leathers, has emerged, against her own actions, as the woman who’s one of former U.S. Congressman and current New York Mayor’s Race candidate Anthony Weiner’s sexting partners.

Sidney Leathers is the 22, and now 23, year old woman who was first “shown” in the blog The Dirty. Today, a Buzzfeed contributor outed her. In her own effort to grab her story back, Ms. Leathers went to Inside Edition (presumably they paid her) and told her own story. And as it unfolds, the story gets weirder and stranger.

Ms. Leathers is 23 years old, from Indiana, and a progressive former Obama for America (yeah!) field worker who reportedly “idolized” Weiner and did contact him after his resignation. He then re-contacted her online, but posing as “Carlos Danger” before revealing who he was.

Stay tuned.