Joe Tuman Runs For Mayor Of Oakland

jtmayorJoe Tuman, the professor and political television commentator, Oaklander, and friend of this blogger, finally decided to run for Mayor Of Oakland for a second time, and after almost saying he was going to do it again, almost the moment the 2010 Mayor’s Race ended.

Standing next to Oakland City Hall’s north said entrance, and with a small group of supporters, including former KPIX anchor Dana King, Tuman said that his focus will be public safety, the often times emotional Tuman talked about a number of incidents of crime in Oakland that informed his raison d’tre for running for Mayor of Oakland. Here, Tuman says that “police don’t just arrest people, they are an effective deterrent to crime:”

I’ll have more from Tuman in the form of video interviews coming later this evening. Meanwhile, here’s another Tout video:

If you’re keeping score, the Oakland Mayor’s Race now includes Bryan Parker, Joe Tuman, and Jean Quan, who’s the incumbent Mayor Of Oakland. Oakland District 7 Councilmember Larry Reid is mulling over a run for the office, but has not yet made an official decision.

This blogger’s backing Parker for Mayor, followed by Tuman. I’ve not yet set on a third choice at this time.

Stay tuned.

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