Baltimore Ravens World Champions
World Champion Baltimore Ravens Training Camp Starts This Week

For the first time in my life I am not excited about the start of Baltimore Ravens training camp this week.

A lifelong Baltimore sports fan, I endured 14 seasons of pain and misery when the Orioles sucked and the start of Ravens training camp was like Christmas in July. By the All Star break, baseball talk in Baltimore was non-existent and the chatter turned to the Ravens and the countdown to training camp.

This scenario repeated over and over until last year when the Orioles were still relevant after the All Star break. Despite their winning record, it was hard to fathom the Orioles making a playoff run after 14 losing seasons; I waited for them to collapse.

Once again the Orioles are having a kickass season. Last year it was hard to believe they were for real. This season we know they are; baseball is the talk of the town and the Orioles are getting respect from the national media.

We are riding a sports high in Baltimore, yet some have conflicting emotions. The start of training camp means the official countdown to the 2013 season is underway. Even in the midst of a heat wave, fall will be here before we know it, are we really ready for some football?

We are the reigning Super Bowl champs, but when the season starts we become the defending Super Bowl champs. I enjoy being on top, I’m not ready to defend the title.

Being a Ravens writer/blogger means that I need to get up-to-speed when training camp starts. While I am not currently excited about it, I know I will have a change of heart soon enough.

The good thing is that I can have my cake and eat it too. I can enjoy the rest of the Orioles season while getting acquainted with the new look Ravens. Most people dream of having one team that matters, I am living the dream with two; I just hope it lasts a while longer…

By MelissaRubin

Self-proclaimed sports junkie. Lifelong Baltimore sports fan residing in DC. Baltimore Ravens are my favorite team, I'm a die-hard fan and in constant need of a football fix. Baltimore Orioles and Washington Capitals fan too. Follow her on Twitter @egoddess1