Firstborn At Comic Con: The History Of Jesus

Comic-Con-Logo4-570x333This is an interesting take on the story of Jesus, and something you don’t normally see promoted at Comic Con. Here’s the press release:

The opening chapter in the epic life story of a man who changed the world forever, FIRSTBORN is the debut graphic novel in the much-anticipated THE LAST ADAM series. Written by Mark Arey and Matt Dorff and published by Zondervan, Firstborn adds a visual spin to scripture, meeting the growing demand for graphic novels in the faith arena.

Firstborn is an origin piece, a starting point in the story of Jesus. Scene by scene, Firstborn describes how the very pillars of Christianity were constructed. Through prophetic visions, miracles, angelic visitations, wondrous births and unbreakable family bonds, Jesus’s epic story begins.

Translated by Father Mark Arey exclusively from ancient gospel manuscripts, Firstborn weaves the four gospels into one story. Arey’s lifetime of deep study and biblical training, when paired with the illustrations of Kai Carpenter, create a gloriously detailed telling of the savior’s birth and early life. Adapted and edited into graphic novel form by Matt Dorff, with letters and title design by Carlton Riffel, Firstborn creates a journey into the history told in scripture, unique in both story and accuracy.

At this week ’s upcoming Comic Con in San Diego, Zondervan will be showcasing the Firstborn book, and working closely with the Christian Comic Arts Society to open a wider conversation on the use of graphic novels in spreading not only the gospel, but in inspiring people of faith to dig deeper into the history and theology of their beliefs.

Comic Con is held July 18-21 at the San Diego Convention Center. Zondervan and Firstborn will be featured in booth #1029

The Last Adam: Firstborn will be available in stores October 9, 2013. Written by Mark Arey and Matt Dorff, Firstborn will retail for $19.99, and is published by Zondervan.

Stay tuned.

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