George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty In Trayvon Martin Shooting

Trayvon-Martin-George-Zimmerman-620x457 George Zimmerman found not guilty in the shooting in Trevon Martin shooting.

A jury of five white women and one woman black / Latino found George Zimmerman not guilty in shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin dead. That after getting out of his truck and following him because Mr. Zimmerman felt that Trayvon Martin didn’t belong in the neighborhood, and was up to “no good.”

The shocking outcome came after a number of weird occurrences. The view of racial profiling was not brought up via agreement, and it’s crazy that the state prosecution would allow that. The jury was all white and female – that they were mothers did not matter at all.

Trayvon Martin is dead, and his killer is free to walk without punishment.

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