Hawthorne Police Create Cainine Oscar Grant After Cops Shoots Dog Video

The Hawthorne Police, or more specifically the three officers who were involved in the shooting of Leon Rosby’s beloved Rotweiller, Max, have created the cainine version of the Oakland Oscar Grant shooting.

In that case, Oscar Grant was shot by BART Police Officer Johannes Mehserle, who said he was reaching for his taser, but shot Grant with his gun. By contrast, the to date not named Hawthorne Police officer who shot Max did so deliberately – and it was all caught on camera, sparking a social media-based tirade against the officers, and The Hawthorne Police, and including death threats.

Hawthorne Police Release Statement

Here’s the Hawthorne Police’ statement:

Hawthorne police chief's letter to the community concerning the dog shooting

Stay tuned.

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