George Zimmerman Trial: Voluntary Manslaughter, Not Murder In Trevon Martin Case – John Burris

UPDATE: George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

george-zimmerman The George Zimmerman Trial will end with Mr. Zimmerman getting voluntary manslaughter and not first-degree murder in the Trevon Martin fight. This is the prediction of famed Oakland, California criminal defense attorney John Burris.

Mr. Burris, who also represented Oscar Grant’s family in a lawsuit against BART Police, and played a major role in the making of the movie Fruitvale Station, knows a thing or two about such cases, as one who regularly sues for police brutality.

Mr. Burris says that the prosecution’s strategy and witnesses are backfiring on them, thus the reason for his prediction. The man who regularly appears on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and HLN, also says that the defense handling of Rachel Jeantel was racist. Don West, who’s daughter Molly West stupidly sent out an insensitive Twitter tweet, treated Rachel Jeantel more harshly than he did the white witnesses like JANE SURDYKA and John Good.

Stay tuned.

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