Miss Utah Marissa Powell Spaced Out, Zoned Out On Miss USA Question

Well, Miss Utah Marissa Powell “spaced out” or as TMZ put it, “zoned out” during the period where Judge NeNe Leakes asked her the income inequality question that led to the rambling answer that went viral during Sunday’s Miss USA Pageant. This one:

marrissapowellShe blanked on the question out of anxiety, whereas Erin Brady, the Miss Connecticut who became MISS USA, nailed her question and sailed to victory.

But now, Donald Trump (who’s a bit of the online pugilist of late and I’ll get to why later) came to Marissa Powell’s defense on Twitter:

And, as first reported here, Marissa Powell is in New York City now , and I think about to make her talk show debut on either one of the morning shows, or David Letterman, or both.

Stay tuned.