Chevron Ecuador | Chevron’s 2011 $96 Million Court Award Confirmed

Boasberg The latest Chevron Ecuador case news.

Chevron’s August 2011 $96 million award by the International Court at The Hague was confirmed today.

According to various reports, Washington DC District Judge James E. Boasberg said judgment in favor of Chevron has been entered in the amount of $96.35 million plus compound interest calculated at the New York annual prime rate from Aug. 31, 2011, until June 6, 2013.

“Disagreeing on all fronts, the court will deny Ecuador’s request and grant Chevron’s petition to confirm the award,” Judge Boasberg said.

Chevron was forced to seek this legal remedy in 2006, and because Ecuador’s court system is so severely politicized and corrupt, that the American Oil Company didn’t see a fair judgement as a possible scenario there. And that is several years before Ecuador’s court judge came down with the $19 billion damage award that was based on a mountain of fraudulent information, bribes, and judicial bullying on the part of lead plaintiffs lawyer Steven Donziger and his charges in Ecuador and with the Amazon Defense Coalition or Front.

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