Godzilla 2014: Vancouver As San Francisco Sacramento At Montgomery St.

sac-mont-sf-newwest-godz The Godzilla 2014 Set San Francisco Police Car Photo provided by Maid Natural on Twitter was just the tip of the iceberg of images that reveal Vancouver’s New Wesminister being transformed into the intersection of Sacramento at Montgomery Street.

This confirms that Godzilla’s not only coming through San Francisco, but that it will be the focus of not just some destruction, but some kind of story that calls for a focus on streets at such a detailed level.

Hopefully we don’t wind up with some shamefully bad story where Godzilla’s chasing after one human being, as was the case in the 1998 version of the big G. Godzilla’s too big to worry about one, as the Hulk would put it, “puny human.” Let’s hope this is a representation of the human impact of global-scale destruction: Godzilla smashing stuff is what we want.

I was curious to see how the “fake” San Francisco Sacramento at Montgomery Street holds up against the actual Sacramento at Montgomery Street I’ve walked by many times in my life, since I live in Oakland, across the Bay. As it turns out, the verdict is, pretty well. It’s just a little smaller in scale, but the style of buildings is remarkably similar, down to the use of material. So, the advance location scout team did a great job.

The set designers did make one glaring error: San Francisco calls itself a city and county, and not just a city, as the sign in one of the photos below reads.

But it’s really too bad the real Sacramento At Montgomery St wasn’t used. I wonder if the producer and director tried to negotiate its use, but something didn’t work out?

Well, here’s the photo slide show, and the photos are from a Twitter search for Godzilla info:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Stay tuned.

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