Phil Simms Former NY Giants QB Acts Like Jerk On NFL Retired Players Settlement

philsimms-jerkWhen I questioned Phil Simms, the former NY Giants QB on the NFL Retired Players Settlement Issue at the 2013 NFL Draft Red Carpet, where a court awarded a $42 million judgement, instead of giving an answer in support of his fellow athletes, he decided to be a jerk and say “I don’t know.”

If you look at Simms, he’d already decided to be rude to me before he opened his mouth. It’s too bad he could not say something nice.

But it’s also a lesson to some who think they’re so much a “star” that they can fake like they don’t hear the person who’s media brand they don’t recognize: the camera’s always running, and it will reveal your true nature.

In this case, while Simms was collecting checks from CBS Sports, his fellow NFL Retired Players were trying to recover some lost revenue, which happened when a game company or other organization, or even the NFL, used their image or jersey number as part of its business sales and marketing process. To that end, a group of NFL Retired Players, including the legendary Jim Brown, successfully challenged the NFL and came away with a $42 million settlement.

Stay tuned.

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