Hope Solo Brings Husband Jerramy Stevens To U.S. V Germany Soccer Match

hope-solo Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens, her husband as a result of their marriage last October, were spotted by ESPN at today’s U.S. vs. Germany World Cup Soccer Qualifier Match at RFK Stadium in Washington DC (which the USA won 4-3).

And you may wonder how this blogger came to know this? The answer is a lesson in Internet traffic dynamics.

I wasn’t watching the contest, but in the middle of another web project, when I noticed my web traffic went up a wee bit. The top gaining content was this blog post: Jerramy Stevens: Hope Solo’s Husband’s Legal Problems Gone, and other content at Zennie62.com related to Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens.


I then looked at my Clicky.com real time web traffic reports to see what was causing the increase, and it was a list of searches for “Hope Solo Husband.” So I then looked at Google News to see if there was any new content related to something the two of them had done. There was nothing.

So then I went over to Twitter, typed “Hope Solo Husband” in a search, and discovered a range of tweets reporting that ESPN had shown the both of them at the U.S. vs. Germany World Cup Soccer Qualifier Match. So I then searched for “Jerramy Stevens” and got more Twitter tweets.

(As a note, this was from a national broadcast; a local broadcast seldom has this much impact on a Twitter specific search, unless the subject is a celebrity with an already established Google Insight For Search ranking of over 3. I’ll make another blog post on this subject, soon.)

And before I present the tweets, some didn’t know they were married, so here’s the story:

Now the tweets:

So, now having overcome all of his legal problems (yeah!), Jerramy Stevens can actually live a nice life in the spotlight with Hope Solo.

Stay tuned.