Philadelphia Eagles Practices Feature Loud Music, Read-Option

Philadelphia-Eagles The Philadelphia Eagles under Chip Kelly are a different team, more like, well, the Oregon Ducks. There are two obvious differences from the looks of the video embedded here from the Eagles practice and by Tom Moore: the loud music and the use of the Read Option Offense.

Some have said that Chip Kelly will use a “different” offense from the Read Option – well, folks, he’s not going to do that.

The Read Option can be used with almost any formation, and mixed with any other kind of system. But it remains the standard in Chip Kelly’s offense, and that’s evident here:

Also, note that the person running the Read-Option is none other than Mike Vick. This corner things Chip Kelly has big plans for Vick, and because of that, I’m keeping track of every move Michael Vick makes in an Eagles practice.

Philadelphia’s going to be something special this year.

Stay tuned.

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