Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn On Yacht | Vonn’s Social Media Boost

tigerwoods-lindseyvonnTiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn were most recently spotted on his yacht, with he shirtless and she in a bikini showing a hot, athletic body.

This is the third time in two weeks that Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have been out in the public eye. The first time was at the Met Gala two Sunday’s ago. The second time was at the Players Championship. And the third time was on his yacht.

In all, Lindsey Vonn’s already considerable social media presence has been massively improved after she and he used Facebook to jointly announced they were dating in March.

Here’s the Olympic Skier’s Google Insight for Search ranking history:

As you can see, Vonn has a “fits and starts” search intensity that was directly tied to her skiing wins, until she decided to show her body and publications like Slate elected to help out – that marks her highest point of intensity, where she reached 100. But since then, she went back to the same “fits and starts” pattern until she and Tiger made that announcement.

Since that point in time, when her number reached 30, she has maintained a steady presence with a measure of between 4 and 9 as compared to her last two highest points, but when you drill down to the last seven days, that jumps up to 100 on May 12th, the day Tiger Woods won the Players Championship.

So, as you can see, Tiger Woods has done a lot of Lindsey Vonn in social media. Eventually, that will have an impact on sponsorship.

Then, again, they just might get married…

Stay tuned.

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