Alex Smith Goes To Kansas City To Run Read-Option Like 49ers

iYes. Alex Smith, now the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, is going to run a Kansas City Offense that will incorporate the read-option and the Pistol Formation.

And, ah, it’s just like the offense that the San Francisco 49ers installed for Colin Kaepernick, but was ran by Smith at Utah before he was drafted #1 by the 49ers in 2005.

Got that?

Listen to this video vlog from February 28th of 2013 on Alex Smith being traded to the Kansas City Chiefs:

According to Fox Sports Kansas City, the Chiefs announced Monday that former Nevada coach Chris Ault, the creator of the Pistol formation, was hired as a team consultant to help install his formation and system with the KC Chiefs.

And the Read Option and Pistol will not be used as a toy but as a regular part of what the Chiefs will do under new Head Coach Andy Reid.

That’s just plain crazy, but if Smith does well in the offense, and the 49ers stumble watch what the media says about the trade in hindsight.

Personally, I don’t see the Niners failing because Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman has had an offseason to add new plays and formations – let’s see if he does.

In closing, here’s a video from Alex Smith at Utah, below. Who does he look like in running the Utes Read Option Offense?

Stay tuned.

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