Amanda Bynes Gains 500K Twitter Followers In 2 Days


amandabynesAmanda Bynes may be the focus of media coverage for her photos and perceived weird behavior, but she’s definitely benefitting from it.

In the wake of posting her racy Twitter photos, and rumors of mental illness, which this blogger discounts, Amanda Bynes has seen her Twitter following increase.


According to Twitter Grader, the hot star of such movies as Easy A and The Amanda Show, on Nickelodeon had 499,000 followers on May 2nd, but as of today May 4th, she’s at 977,600 followers.

This blogger does not believe they’re fake. The evidence that they’re real and engaged can be seen in my tweet:

Enough said.

So, while others seem really concerned with the idea that celebrities are buying fake Twitter followers, the fact of the matter is fame does draw real people.

Stay tuned.

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