CPUC President Michael Peevey Skips Hearing For Party With PG&E

pointer+2 Michael Peevey is in big trouble.

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Michael Peevey, the President Of the California Public Utilities Commission (described by some as “the CPUC’s embattled” leader) reportedly skipped a very important job review hearing regarding his job to have cocktails and hobnob at a luxurious place called Merryvale Winery in the heart of Napa County, in St. Helena, California.

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California lawmakers asked Michael Peevey to come before the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review subcommittee on April 25 of this year to justify keeping the CPUC President job he has held for about a decade. The California senate hearing was in response to growing conflict over a confidential report, made public by the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit, which raises a lot of questions about the CPUC’s commitment to safety and its relationship with utility companies the agency regulates.

All of this comes in the wake of the controversy surrounding the San Bruno Fire. The 2011 disaster destroyed many San Bruno, California homes after a PG&E gas main ruptured. Fearful of paying a giant fine potentially into the billions, Pacific Gas & Electric Company has done all it can to make sure the CPUC protects its interests. Hence wining, dining, and hobnobbing the CPUC President, Peevey.

To help you understand, say you discovered that the person who is supposed to represent you, the taxpayer of your state, in negotiations against utilities providing power in your state, is, instead basically getting somewhat happy at a bar on their dime?

See? Can you trust someone who’s so easily bought? Many California lawmakers can’t, they’re pissed off something terrible, and calling for California Governor Jerry Brown to fire him.

Stay tuned.

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