Dion Jordan Now Miami Dolphins LB: NFL Draft Interview, Text

Dion Jordan, the Miami Dolphins NFL Draft Number One Pick out of Oregon, reportedly just missed joining his now former Ducks coach in Philadelphia. Dion, who said in this blogger’s NFL Play 60 interview that his advantage was size, will get a chance to use it with the Dolphins.

Here’s the video of Dion Jordan talking to Zennie62 at NFL Play 60 (video at YouTube.com/zennie62):

After he was selected by the Dolphins, the standout defender walked to to downstairs interview room at Radio City Music Hall to meet the media. Here’s the text version of what he said:

Q. Congratulations, Dion.

DION JORDAN: Thank you. Appreciate it.

Q. Talk a little bit about going to Miami and what that’s going to be for you.

DION JORDAN: First of all, that’s a huge lesson for me to be in a situation with a team that decided to trade up and come get me, but it will be good. Playing alongside all those young players, guys like Cameron Wake and a lot of other great players out there. It will be good to get around those and be part of a team that’s trying to win.

Q. What do you know about Coach Philbin?

DION JORDAN: Obviously, I talked to the Dolphins throughout the process, but I feel like they made the right move and got the guy they wanted.

Q. Dion, how excited are you to play for an organization get some good free agent acquisitions, and they improved last year under the leadership of Tannehill?

DION JORDAN: I’m very excited to play alongside a lot of those guys and just be a part of an organization that’s on the rise and looking forward to winning. Not only just winning games but just getting to the big games.

Q. A lot of people in South Florida, where I live, are extremely excited. They were stunned. How much contact did you have with the Dolphins, and did you think this was a realistic possibility?

DION JORDAN: I had contact with them, but it was minimal throughout the process. You know, I do understand the style of defense and what’s going on with the plan. I’m surprised but I’m not very surprised because I do feel like I can fit well with what they have going on.

Q. Did they visit with you, or did you come to South Florida?

DION JORDAN: They visited with me.

Q. Where did they get you?

DION JORDAN: I met them at my Pro Day. I got to meet them in Indy and through the phone ‑‑ like phone calls from here and there. It wasn’t like my name was being tossed around to go to the Miami Dolphins.

Q. That is a great bow tie. Did you make that yourself?

DION JORDAN: No. My mother did it for me.

Q. Mom’s great. You grew up in Phoenix, right? Is?


Q. Dry heat versus humidity, something you thought about here? Have you ever played in humid heat? I know you must have played in some pretty scorching weather.

DION JORDAN: It will be a change, of course. But it’s something ‑‑ I feel like that’s the last thing I’ll worry about.

Q. You say that now. I’m in Arizona now, and I talked to your high school coach a couple of weeks ago, and he had nothing but great praise to say about you. Can you say something about that, about coming out of that program.

DION JORDAN: There’s a lot of great athletes that come out of the program. They train us well to get us ready for the collegiate level, make sure we take care of business in school, first of all, so we can have that opportunity. Like I say, a tremendous amount of athletes come out there, and because of the coaching and because of the community that’s there.

Q. Tell us how you feel being compared to Jason Taylor?

DION JORDAN: Being compared to a guy like him who has the athletic ability who got after quarterbacks for a long time is great, I do feel like, you know, because of our build and the size, things like that, the little things, I feel like that’s the reason why we’re compared to each other a lot.

For me, my best attribute is to get after the quarterbacks. I’m going to make sure I take care of that part.

Q. This is the first Draft in NFL history where three tackles and three pass rushers were chosen in the top six. What do you think that says about the state of the NFL today?

DION JORDAN: I feel like it’s become a passing league, and they need guys to protect quarterbacks and guys to get after them.

Q. Are you looking forward to going after Tom Brady now?

DION JORDAN: I’ve heard that a lot. Yeah, I am, man, of course. That’s Brady. He’s a tremendous talent, a staple in the NFL. Just to be in the NFL, honestly, and to have that opportunity to play against guys like him, it really gets me going.

Q. Mark Sanchez is an easier target, though. Are you 100 percent healthy now?

DION JORDAN: I’m not 100 percent. I’m over a month ‑‑ almost two months out of surgery from having my leg repaired. I feel like I’m ahead of schedule. I’m doing the little things right so I can be prepared to go when it’s time to strap it up.

Q. How did the phone call go?

DION JORDAN: The phone call went well. It was a huge surprise to me talking on the phone with the Miami Dolphin coach. Then I saw the Raider helmet on the screen, and I had to put it together really fast. It’s good.

They’re looking forward to me getting down there, and I’m looking forward to it too.

Q. What do you know about the rivalry between the Dolphins and the Jets?

DION JORDAN: Obviously, it’s a huge rivalry. Both teams are looking forward to, like I said, not only winning games, but winning big games. I’m looking forward to be a part of it.

Q. What does it mean to you for a team to trade down and come get you at the third pick?

DION JORDAN: It feels really good. Like I said, I was surprised. It does feel really good they feel they found the person that they wanted, and I feel like I could fill a void that they feel like they need.

Q. They talked about you staying at D‑end or possibly outside linebacker?

DION JORDAN: Not yet. I feel like because I did play in space a lot at the collegiate level, I do understand how to play a spread if they need me to, but like I said, my best attribute is probably getting after quarterbacks, and I’m looking forward to doing that.

Q. What was the NFL Play 60 experience like?

DION JORDAN: It was great. Other than going to the hospital, it was probably the best thing the NFL had for us. I had a lot of fun getting out there with those guys, the young guys, taking their mind off things.

It was good. I seen a lot of heart that they had and the way that they’re trying to change the game.

Q. When you switched positions, did you ever think this was possible?

DION JORDAN: Yeah, of course, man. I labeled myself as an athlete. I played defense in high school. So I knew what I was doing when I went over there. I just had to adjust to the style of the defense that was being ran, and just fine tuning and doing the little things. I won’t just be another guy out there. I’ll be a good athlete. I took my time, and I did what I have to do to help out my team at the university.

Q. What do you think about your teammate on the other side, Cameron Wake, Jordan Waite? That’s going to be a tough defensive line.

DION JORDAN: Cameron is probably one of the best pass rushers in the league now. He has a tremendous motor. Playing on the other side of him will be a really good deal.