On Kobe Bryant’s Injury, Tiger Woods At Masters And Jonathan Winters


On Friday, LA Lakers great Kobe Bryant injured his achilles and it was reported that he will be out for up to nine months (he just got out of a successful surgery today). But while Kobe’s out, can his LA Lakers teammates pick up the slack? No.

This Lakers team just doesn’t have the killer instinct to take opponents and put them away. I wasn’t a fan of bringing Dwight Howard to LA, as much as I was Chris Paul. That NBA Commissioner Dave Stern stepped in to nix that deal shows how good it was. But I digress.

This Lakers team doesn’t have it, no matter how many chances the refs might give them. That, as some think NBA refs are favoring the Lakers in certain games, like against The Warriors. I’ve not seen that, but considering how great the Lakers are for NBA ratings, it’s not far fetched. And Tiger Woods winning The Masters isn’t either.

Tiger Woods is trying to recapture the old Tiger after losing himself post the 2009 incident. I think, and I didn’t say this in the video, is Tiger seems to be trying to play up to an image, whereas in the past, he was playing to win. There’s a difference. In the past, his on green behavior wasn’t talked about because he was winning, and it wasn’t bad to start with; now, everything he does is picked apart. That’s a massive added layer of “stuff” to deal with that Tiger’s got to block out. Wow.

Sorry, the other golf legends don’t have all that to deal with.

Speaking of legends, I’ll miss legendary comedian Jonathan Winters. He was just plain funny in his ability to morph into a character.

Stay tuned.