NFL Draft 2013: Zennie62Media Approved For 9th Straight Year

nfldraftlogoThe 2013 NFL Draft is just 12 days away and for the 9th straight time, Zennie62Media has been approved for the NFL Draft.

It started in 2005, with this blogger’s first NFL Draft coverage, being the first to actually make an internet-based account of what it’s like to be at the event. Then, in 2006, I teamed with Dr. Bill Chachkes and was the first to bring a camcorder to the NFL Draft. In 2007, we teamed with USTREAM to bring the first full live stream broadcast right from the floor of the NFL Draft.

In 2008, the NFL created “the Zennie rules” keeping all camera off the NFL Draft floor, and prohibiting the use of livestream for all organizations save for the NFL and ESPN. It was my first NFL Draft essentially blocked to the basement, with Bill upstairs.

In 2009, we used better equipment because we could afford it.

In 2010, we got our first hotel sponsor, Small Luxury Hotels of the World. That was the first of the resulting years of sponsorship, ushering in the use of an innovative sponsorship approach, that should be replicated far more often than it has; maybe once or twice.

In 2010 we also had the NFL Red Carpet and the first year that players were treated like Hollywood stars, and deservedly so, too. In fact, 2012 brought Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck to the NFL Draft, and a rare instance of dual super-rookie star power:

There’s more to come, as well as our continued use of the state-of-the-art. For example, Zennie62 was the first to use a micro-vlog platform to deliver the news in 2012, with the device called the app and now we have Vidoco. The next step is to seal the deal on a hotel sponsor. If you’re reading this, and are interested in being a sponsor, we have an incredible package. Just email: [email protected] ASAP.

Stay tuned.