Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro: WonderCon 2013 Video Recap

pacificrimPacific Rim, the first of the modern giant monster movies of this generation, was previewed at WonderCon 2013, and its director Guillermo del Toro did not waste the moment. (As a note, I’m not at WonderCon and for reasons explained in this video, but thanks to digital media, I can provide enough material here to produce an informative update.)

If you don’t know about Pacific Rim, which is poised to be a summer blockbuster when it’s released on July 12th, 2013, here’s my synopsis:

In the future, a kind of fissure below the seas of the Pacific Rim opens, and giant monsters called kaiju come to the surface – the first attack of one of them is on San Francisco:

In an effort to battle the monsters, which have been sent to exterminate the human race on Earth, we construct a series of giant robots called Jaegers, each one piloted by two-person crews. The battles by the robots are successful, but when the kaiju learn to fight back, the future of the human race is left to one old Jaeger piloted by two people who’s better days seemed to be behind them.

First, according to this Vine video by Geek Magazine, the line to see the WonderCon Pacific Rim panel was huge:

Second, during the panel, Mr. del Toro unveiled a video that offered a ton of new scenes, including one that reportedly had the audience cheering: one of the giant human-piloted robots called a Jaeger drags an oil tanker through wet streets with one hand, pick it up, and uses it as a weapon to smash the face of one of the monsters, called a kaiju.

Third, as this blog post was under construction, this YouTube video of the panel was posted and called “Part 1”:

Here’s Part 2 of the panel:

Stay tuned.

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