Los Angeles NFL Stadium Financial Scenario Spreadsheet

7933108_600x338The Los Angeles NFL Stadium Financial Scenario Spreadsheet is ready and posted here.

That is the document this blogger referred to as the next to come after the initial blog “LA NFL Stadium Financials” post explaining why the “numbers” for a stadium in Downtown Los Angeles as proposed by AEG.

I created the spreadsheet initially as a worksheet that formed the basis for the first blog post, but then elected to work on cleaning it up so that it was presentable to the public via the Zennie62 blog.

My objective here is to take the mystery out of this LA NFL Stadium conversation. It’s one that exists because you have media people who lack the sports business or math training on one side, and NFL and AEG reps who aren’t going to provide the training for them on the other – all the better to guard their issues and concerns and control the flow of information on the project.

But my contention is the NFL would be better off if the public new about and understood what it was doing. I see nothing wrong with the financial structure for the deal. If the NFL wants to have more public money, then it has to explain why it really needs more of it in the face of the enormous seat option moneys. On the other hand, the NFL and AEG need LA County’s bond issue capacity to do this deal, even if the municipal bond will be paid for by stadium revenues.

Here’s the spreadsheet, which is also now embedded in the first blog post, too:

LA NFL Stadium Financial Spreadsheet by Zennie Abraham

Stay tuned.

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