Alameda County, CA Budget – Sequester Impact: $7.1 Million

284px-Seal_of_Alameda_County,_California.svg The recently enacted trigger in the 2011 Budget Control Act referred to as “sequestration” will have a total impact on the Alameda County, CA, of $7.1 Million. That’s according to a Power Point-based report published on February 26th by Kai Mander, Principal Analyst, of the County Administrator’s Office.

Mr. Mander’s report said that the following Alameda County departments and programs would be impacted in the $7.1 million of cuts due to sequestration: Community Development Agency ($1.8 million), Social Services Agency ($1.8 million), Health Care Services Agency ($1.5 million), Sheriff ($1.1 million), District Attorney ($100,000), General Services Agency ($100,000), Debt financing ($700,000).

The report, written for an audience of what was called “Northern California Grantmakers” didn’t point to the availability of replacement revenues for the lost $7.1 million.

The County of Alameda’s total budget for fiscal year 2012 – 2013 is 2.6 billion. Alameda County itself employs about 9,000 people.

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