Target Emeryville, CA Arrest Caught On Camera By Kraig Debro

The arrest of a young black man (very sad to say) was caught on the camera of vlogger Kraig Debro on Saturday at 6:15 PM. Here it is:

kraigdWhat the young man did was not explained by police. But this email from Emeryville Police Public Information Officer was sent to Debro and passed along to me:

Mr. Debro,

I became aware of the video you posted to Youtube with part of the caption, “unexplained.” This was the arrest of a person of interest in numerous crimes throughout the Bay Area. This person is suspected of committing crimes at this very Target store previously. In fact, he was in the commission of a crime when EPD attempted to stop him. He then shoved an innocent woman to the ground as he attempted to run away and was ultimately captured.

I’m writing you this email so you can give your followers a little better understanding of what occurred that day. Thank you for your time.

Brian Head
Administrative Officer/Training Manager/PIO
Emeryville Police Department
2449 Powell Street
Emeryville, CA 94608

My question is where’s his Mom and Dad. A sad story.

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