Obama Agrees To Sequester; Impact On California

obama_20121231141326_320_240 The Budget Control Act Of 2011’s budget cutting measures were signed into action Friday March 1st before midnight, by President Obama.

It means that $85 billion of cuts will go into effect and the pain and suffering will be felt by millions.

But what cuts? This letter from the Office Of Management And Budget to House Speaker John Boehner (via protocol) outlines all of the cuts on a department-by-department basis within the Federal Government. It’s a long, long list. Have a look:


How Will The Sequester Impact Your State?

So how will the Sequester impact your state? To help answer that question, The White House has created an interactive map for your use. It’s here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/issues/sequester/interactive-map.

Impact To California

If we click on the part of the U.S. map that is California in the White House interactive report, we learn the following:

For Education and Training there are 1,210 Teacher and aide jobs at risk, 187,000 students will lose access to support programs and special education, 3,690 Low-income students will lose work study jobs to help pay for college, 129,770, Workers will lose access to job training, 320 Schools will lose funding to help disadvantaged students, 3,000 victims of domestic violence will lose access to support services, $5,375,000 cut in funding that provides meals for sick and homebound seniors.

And that’s just some of the cuts. To see the full, detailed list for California, have a look at this report that’s specific to The Golden State:

How The Sequester Impacts California by

Overall, this is going to hurt a lot of people, and have massive political repercussions.

Stay tuned.

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