Alex Smith Trade Bad For SF 49ers, Good For KC Chiefs

In NFL News, the San Francisco 49ers traded QB Alex Smith to Kansas City for a 2013 NFL Draft Second Round Pick and a conditional 2014 NFL Draft Second Round Pick.

The Smith trade’s bad for the Niners because they now have no veteran backup QB and at a time when they’re starting a QB, Colin Kaepernick, who’s more prone to injury that others because of the Pistol Offense, which calls for him to run.

Who will back up Colin Kaepernick? Who’s the proven veteran? Sometimes, just because a quarterback wants to be traded doesn’t mean he has to be; competition’s good for the team.

This blogger’s certain the move’s a bad one, but it does have one saving grace: the 49ers get a good draft pick to go with the others they’ve stockpiled.

Stay tuned.

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