Curiosity Mohawk Guy Bob Ferdowsi, On Life On Mars

At the 2013 Crunchies, the TechCrunch blog-produced awards show for the Tech Community, I happened to run into Bob Ferdowsi, who’s become known as “The Mars Curiousity Mohawk Guy.”

He was in San Francisco and at The Crunchies because the Mars Curosity Program was nominated for “Best Tech Achievement For 2012” – it won. And so Bob went up to collect the award that ironically mocks the chimp from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and received all of the acclaim and applause for being a new celeb with a weird haircut.

Surrounded by well-wishers, this vlogger managed to waltz in, introduce himself, and get a pretty valuable 30 second of information.

Bob said that the next step in the program is to drill on Mars: “We’ll get a history of Mars that no one’s ever seen before.” (That part of the program is underway as this is written.)

But is there life on Mars? “I certainly hope…Well, not today, but I hope there’s evidence of life in the past.”

Wow, he was careful not to say “Yeah, I think we’ll find life on Mars, today,” lest some blogger think he’s conjuring up images of some kind of martian sloth crawling around.

At any rate, that was it, as he and me were totally slammed with people around us.

Stay tuned.