Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer who went AWOL and racked up a serial-killer-level body count of cops and family relations, was said to have been shot by a San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Office Sniper. Here’s the initial gunfight from my vlog:

54657_1f19c473f6991c7a1681a984e4a83998_9e71f8ae2d1719089bfab11c208b8e97That news comes from Neal Barton of KETK out of Tyler, Texas and via his Twitter account. Here’s that tweet.

Mr. Barton is taking a ton of heat for this news, as readers of his Facebook page are jumping all over him for reporting something that no one else has confirmed. (They call that a scoop when other news outlets confirm an initial report.) But Barton’s standing his ground. Here’s part of the Facebook Page exchange:

Neal Barton Jr.

We have confirmation from the Los Angeles Police Department the ex-cop from LA was shot and killed by a local sheriff’s department sniper

Stephanie LW I’m in LA too–I highly recommend the Reddit link I posted further up thread. I have been glued to local CBS news all day watching this unfold and the most accurate up-to-date info is coming from those of us listening to the scanner. KETK is speculating because LAPD said they have not confirmed this!!!!!
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tephanie LW Neil Barton’s misinformation is being spread around the internet! YOU NEED TO RETRACT THIS!!!!!!! YOU GUYS LOOK SO BAD RIGHT NOW! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE REPORTING THE NEWS!
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John McSwag Bryant I don’t fucking believe this post for a goddamn minute
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Celia Archuleta Funny…I live in SOCAL and NONE of the news channels down here nor the scanner feed I’m getting reports any of that. And if the police you supposedly got your confirmation from are denying it and NONE of the big news channels are reporting it…..sounds like bullshit.
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Cole Bennett about ten mina go, according to the scanner: “No Visual on Suspect”.
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David Whipple Good job on a false report there Neal
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KETK Neal Barton It’s no secret. You found it. It’s on the web site.
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Stephanie LW You know someone who knows? You didn’t say that you had a tip that this might be true, your statement was that it was confirmed by LAPD. So now you’re saying LAPD is lying when they say they haven’t confirmed it to anyone?
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Josiah Lay “I just know someone who knows.” Great reporting.
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Stephanie LW “We have confirmation from the Los Angeles Police Department” <--- Your words, Neal. 7 hours ago · Like Josiah Lay I just know 30 people on this page who know you're full of it. Confirmed. 7 hours ago · Like Nick Costa I'm not buying it Neal Barton. That said, I hope I'm proven wrong! 7 hours ago · Like Gareth White Hard to trust journalism these days. 7 hours ago · Like Chad Sartre Neal...why are you reporting lies? 7 hours ago · Like · 1 George Baez Youre a fucking liar neal, you wanted to be the first to break the story because you assumed the guy was dead but that is not what journalism is about you are supposed to report FACTS. What if you were wrong and he got out of that house but because of you families thought it was safe when in all reality it wasnt you fucking scumbag. 7 hours ago · Like · 3 Nick Coutris BREAKING: Police officials enter cabin and find cardboard cutout of Chris Dorner dancing on a string ala home alone style. Police also report the subject was watching mobster movies on the TV inside the cabin which is being sited as influence for the s...See More 7 hours ago · Like · 2 KETK Neal Barton George. CNN just reported the body found. We were early because I had someone on the inside. It's a process. The truth will come out. See the we site for the whole story. Now, everyone is catching up. Have a great night everyone. 7 hours ago · Like · 1 Matt Bogardus Neal loves penis. 7 hours ago · Like · 3 KETK Neal Barton Now NBC reports the ex- cop is dead. Everyone is catching up. 7 hours ago · Like Matt Bogardus Neal loves penis. 7 hours ago · Like · 3 KETK Neal Barton Now NBC reports the ex- cop is dead. Everyone is catching up. 7 hours ago · Like Nick Coutris Yes, of course he is dead, he was trapped in a burning building. This isn't about him being dead, this is about you saying he was killed by a sniper. 7 hours ago · Like · 1

The lesson here is to not use social media to argue with people who disagree with you. What Neal should have done is not answered anyone back. Just move along.

Stay tuned.

By Zennie Abraham

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