Kate Upton Is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girl Again


Kate Upton S.I. Swimsuit Model
Kate Upton Is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girl Again for the second straight year. That’s right, the New York-based supermodel was the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girl, and now she’s the same for 2013.

S.I.’s headline for Kate is “you can’t hold back Kate Upton,” and the issue featuring Mr. Upton on the magazine’s cover will be released on newsstands Tuesday, with the online coverage to start Monday.

Also, Monday night, Kate will be a guest on The Late Show With David Letterman – let’s tune in to see what she wears!

Why Is Kate Upton Popular?

On YouTube, a commenter wanted to know why Kate Upton’s all the rage. Well, from what I’ve observed, she’s really down to earth and fun-loving – not full of herself. At the AXE party, Kate wasn’t acting weird, or stand-offish, or anything that would be off-putting to anyone. Plus, Upton has a modern, ‘full,’ busty look that’s a counterpoint to the super-skinny models that are in vogue in some publications and telecasts.

And if you’re wondering what it’s like to be at a party hosted by Kate Upton, here’s the video-blog this blogger made from last year’s Kate Upton / Jason Pierre Paul AXE Body Wash Party at Spin Nightclub in New York City:

Stay tuned.

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