Dolly Drive iPhone Service Demo At MacWorld SF

Dolly Drive is one of the few companies at MacWorld that has a Wikipedia reference:

Dolly Drive[2] is a cloud backup service that allows Mac users to create versioned backups of their files online and locally, as well as store large amounts of files in the cloud for access from any computer or Mobile Device. Those files can be synced locally on a computer as well. Dolly Drive backs up files in Apple’s Lion & Mountain Lion OS using its own proprietary platform called REVO. Mac users who use the Snow Leopard OS can back up their data to an offsite data center utilizing Apple’s Time Machine TM interface. The REVO Platform does not use Time Machine TM. Dolly Drive expanded it’s grid to the EU in September 2011.

And uses NASA uniforms to make presentations.

Didn’t know one could do that..

You can choose from several plans ranging from ‘small’ to ‘power’, and they start at just $3 per month. But the bottom line is you can place your photos and other files in a secured cloud storage setting by using Dolly Drive.

Stay tuned.

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