President Obama’s Finest Hour: Gun Control

Wednesday was President Obama’s finest hour. In introducing a comprehensive new set of gun control-related policies, President Obama showed the kind of leadership and fearless desire to make change that even some of his critics had to sit back and pause to observe.

With the stroke of his pen, Barack Obama signed into law or into legal review 23 items of action, including several direct executive orders that don’t need Congressional approval to take effect. While some think Obama will not succeed in his quest, the number of Americans who wildly support his actions increase with every report of gun violence in American cities each day.

It’s time we took action against more guns. Programs like a Universal Background Check just make a lot of sense to implement. And the National Rifle Association can be a help and not a harm here, by acting as the gate keeper for who gets to own a gun and who does not.

There’s no reason everyone needs to have a gun. No reason at all.

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