Oakland Acupuncture’s Beth Says I Have To Eat More Fruit

Oakland Acupuncture’s Beth gave this blogger a good scare while at FitnessSF, the gym that was called Gold’s Gym Oakland, last night. The massage therapist set up a table to allow members to have their antioxident levels tested. The higher the level the better, the lower the level, the worst.

Well, this blogger’s level’s low – not dangerously low, but close.

Here’s what she told me:


This underscores the importance of eating fruit, and on a daily basis. That’s something that I’ve not done, but will start doing today. Right now, the car Beth gave me reads that my level is in the 30,000 range; if it were to dip into the 20,000 range, that would indicate the appearance of cancer in my body.

Can’t let that happen.

I’m glad I took the test; you should too!

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