Ravens' QB Joe Flacco
Ravens’ QB Joe Flacco

While Ravens Nation is still celebrating the AFC divisional win against the Denver Broncos and the team is preparing for the AFC title rematch against the New England Patriots, the talk has shifted to Joe Flacco’s contract extension.

It’s hard to believe that Flacco is finishing his fifth season with the Baltimore Ravens. While he may not be sporting a shiny ring from the big game (yet), he has worked his ass off to get his team to the promised land. Flacco has taken his Ravens to the playoffs in every season of his young career.

And while a very good quarterback, Flacco has a history of being  inconsistent, but he steps up when it matters the most; the playoffs. He did it Saturday night when he outplayed veteran Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning and he hopes to it again Sunday when he faces Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady.

There has been buzz about Flacco’s status since he is in the last year of his original contract and he will be an impending free-agent after this season.

Flacco and the Ravens could not agree on a contract extension before the start of the season and tabled the talk, but soon it will be time to talk again.

The big question still remains, is Flacco elite? Flacco and his agent think he is, so does former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner.

Warner appeared on the NFL Network’s “Around the League” Tuesday night. He believes Flacco deserves to be paid like a franchise quarterback and said that while he may be inconsistent during the regular season, he always elevates his game at the big moments.

Flacco’s agent Joe Linta told the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport:

“He’s a top-five guy, if not better, If you don’t think that’s an elite guy, then you’re crazy. The guy has won 54 (regular-season) games; (the) guy is eventually going to get respect,” Linta said. “The great thing about Joe is he doesn’t care.”

Linta is sure to command top dollar for his client, but the Ravens may not come to terms on a dollar amount; if that happens, the Ravens will franchise-tag Flacco for next season; he would earn approximately $14.5 million for the year.

Flacco has another chance to prove himself Sunday night, let’s see if he shines again.

I have supported him every season and I will continue to do so even if he doesn’t take us to the promised land this season. I believe in him and the Ravens should too. I hope they iron out a new agreement instead of placing the franchise tag on him.

What do you think? Does Flacco deserve to be paid like a top quarterback?

By MelissaRubin

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