Facebook Open Graph: A New Feature, But No Revolution

If Facebook’s basing its future on the “Open Graph” it’s a good bet only if the real system’s much more than the demo presented by Facebook today.

Look. The reason Facebook works is because it follows “Abraham’s Law Of Social Media”: People Are Voyeurs. People want to know about other people, who they are, what they do, and most important, what they have in common with them. Anyone who knows how to use the current Facebook can do much of what the new service promises to offer.

The reason why Facebook’s stock dropped today was because many were expecting something that met the hype. Everyone knows Facebook’s the only hope (other than Twitter) to challenge Google in search, and thus is waiting for Facebook to stop monkeying around, and take action.

Indeed, do so before Google figures out that Google Plus’s missing link is a more human presentation of its website and then moves to conquer Facebook. Facebook and Google have one think in common: both have become verbs and not nouns, but Google’s foray into social media shows it’s not willing to sit around and let Facebook have all of the fun.

Why Facebook can’t return the favor with a real search engine that challenges Google is a mystery to me, and to many.

Stay tuned.