Oscar Nominations 2013: Tallies; Lincoln Has 12; James Bond Skyfall 5

fmp-lincolnThe Oscar Nominations for the 85th Annual Academy Awards were announced at 5:38 PM PST this Thursday January 10th morning, by Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone. But which movies got the most award nominations? Here’s the full list tallied by this blogger:

Lincoln: 12
Life Of Pi: 11
Silver Linings Playbook: 8
Les Miserables: 8
Argo: 7
Django Unchained: 5
Skyfall: 5
Zero Dark Thirty: 5
Amour: 4
Bests Of The Southern Wild: 4
Anna Karenina: 4
The Master: 3
Flight: 2
The Avengers, Hitchcock, Chasing, Prometheus, Moonrise Kingdom, The Hobbit, The Impossible, The Sessions, Snow White And The Huntsman, all have one nomination.

Looking at the list, first, this blogger has to say congratulations to James Bond: Skyfall for being the most nominated James Bond film in its 50-year-history. Second, the race for best picture generally goes to the film with Best Director, and that dynamic continued in 2012 with The Artist scoring both.

From that perspective, the Best Picture Race is between Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, and Life Of Pi, as all of their directors, Steven Spielberg, David O Russell, and Ang Lee, are nominated for Best Director.

That leaves Quintin Tarentino, Ben Affleck, and Katheryn Bigelow with movies as Best Picture, who were favorites, but to be, but not selected for Best Director.

Stay tuned.

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