CES 2013 Zennie62 Trip Starts Today; What’s CES?

CES 2013 is this week, and this blogger’s trip to the giant convention starts today! (Zennie62 coverage sponsored by Tout.com) But what’s “CES” anyway?

“CES” really stands for “Consumer Electronics Show” but the PR folks don’t want anyone to call it that, even to the point of asking editors not to use the reference in articles and blog posts.


Because, all too often, people think the “Consumer Electronics Show” is a trade show, where you can buy electronic equipment at reduced rates. That’s not the case at all.

CES is a show for potential buyers of retail inventories of products that makers like Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung make. So, from the perspective of the huge potential volume of purchases that buyers drive – first from their retail organizations and second from the consumers they do business with – CES is vitally important.

Indeed, CES can be seen as a gauge of how the World’s economy is doing, not just America’s. And that’s because there are so many countries represented that there’s a giant international pavilion just to hold them all.

That’s what I like about CES: the feeling that the World’s coming to Las Vegas.

Why Social Media At CES?

You may wonder why there’s such an emphasis on Social Media at CES? Several reasons:

1. Marketing: Understanding Social Media is the key for marketers to more effectively reach consumers, and serve them too. A well-placed negative blog or tweet, or video, or all three, could wreck the sales of the latest electronics device.

2. CES Buzz: This is related to “1” above because product marketers want to generate great social media buzz about their latest offerings.

3. Use Of Electronics Products: This is really the most important reason. Social Media platforms like Tout, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs rely on the use of computers, tablets, and smartphones – the very devices presented at CES. The best products of today allow you to access Social Media faster and more effectively than their competitors.

What Zennie62 Is At CES For?

Primarily the interest of this blog has been related to a tract called “Digital Hollywood.” That’s simply how the latest trends in digital media can and have impacted the Entertainment Industry. Within that, I (other people who may work with Zennie62.com have other interests) am personally interested in video and gaming advancements. And celebrities. A vital part of Zennie62’s coverage is of celebs and the nexus of celebrity, pop-culture, and tech.

Stay tuned.